Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dyson Vacuum

This is a rant and a rave. First the rave. I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner - it works so well and is easy to empty. By far the best sucking vacuum I have ever had.


How can you design such a great vacuum cleaner and make the attachments so awkward to use? I have given up on them. I get my hand vac out. So if you can't make them easy to use, get rid of them. Reduce the weight and charge me less.


Again, with such a great vacuum, how come no one in the testing phase noticed that the vacuum is too high to go under a standard toekick? So in my bathroom and kitchen, I cannot get to the last 2 inches of floor because the Dyson stands too tall. Just 1/2 inch shorter would have worked.

That said, still a great vacuum.

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