Monday, January 15, 2007

Bank of America Rant

I had to use the Bank of America ATM for the first time today. I was making a deposit for the whopping sum of $5.42. After struggling to reach the card input place, (which was not labelled by the way), I finally got to the point where I am supposed to make my deposit, IN A SEALED DEPOSIT ENVELOPE, it says. Well where is the stock of envelopes? Am I required to create one out of thin air? Please banks, if you require a deposit envelope, provide some!

Still on the subject of deposit envelopes, I remember a deposit we tried to make at BB&T's ATM in Little River, SC. They did provide a stash of envelopes, of course you had to get out of your car to find one because they were stored at about knee level. So to get out of the car you have to reverse or pull forward because you parked so close to the ATM that you cannot open your door. On this particular occasion there were two of us, however. So I got out of the car and went around the back of the car and got an envelope. Now it was summertime. And it is very humid in Little River in the Summer. So the glue on the flap had become moist and stuck itself down. I got another one. Same thing. We ended up sitting in the car with a pile of envelopes, trying to unstick one that we could use. So for humid places, try to come up with something other than glue.

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