Sunday, January 14, 2007

Great bargain

Two raves in a row - rest assured the trend will not continue. This is more of a jubilant posting than a rave. Once in a while you find a really great bargain. Sometimes, however, they end up being mistakes. What I mean is that you get so excited about the bargain price that you can't focus on whether you actually want or need the item. So often, the bargain ends up sitting in the closet unused.

But this time I really got it right. On Thursday I bought a leather jacket at Kohls reduced from $180 to $45. After taking off 15% for using my charge card and another 10% with my coupon, the final sale price was only $34.425 (+ tax). And since Thursday I have worn the jacket 3 times, it feels great and I love it. Hence my jubilation.

It remains to be seen whether the sports jacket I bought for Steve ever sees the light of day. Maybe I can influence that by packing it when we go to our North Carolina house next weekend - he can wear it for Sunday brunch at my club, the Grande Dunes Ocean Club.

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