Friday, February 23, 2007

Target Rant

I went to Target to buy 2 items. When I went to check out, there were 3 lines of customers. Each line had 2 people in it. Only one line had the light on, but the people there had more stuff to check. So I stood in a different line. An employee named John walked up to my register. He stood around a bit, then shouted to the checker at the next register to put their light on. The checker took no notice so he walked directly behind me to her register and switched the light on himself. He then walked directly behind me again and stood next to my register. After a few moments just standing around he turned to the lady in front of me, and me, and said, "Sorry this line is closed." We both looked at him because this seemed a little odd. He indicated that the light was not on. Nor was the other one until he turned it on. I told him I thought he could have told us this when he first walked up, rather than letting us stand there longer. He just shrugged.

After being checked out elsewhere, I went over to customer service to speak to the manager. When he comes over - it is John. His badge doesn't say manager which is a little weird, so he probably wasn't the manager anyway. I gave up!

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