Wednesday, April 4, 2007

AT&T - avoid them like the plague

When we moved here we signed up with Bell South - after all they had to be better than our local cooperative in Brunswick County. Then disaster struck when Bell South was swallowed by AT&T - a company I would never choose to do business with. Since then we have been bombarded by calls from non-native English speakers trying to change our DSL. I told them a million times to speak to my husband in the evening but still they call when he's not home. Finally this morning they called again. I told the guy what I told them all. He said "I know, I called you a while ago, but I'm not responsible for all the other people calling you, that's not my fault." I hung up.

Then I called customer service and waited. After asking me for my phone number 3 times - don't they have caller ID at AT&T? - I explained the problem and they said they would take me off the solicitation list. Next they asked for my social security number. This is a pet peeve of mine - I don't see why all these companies should use my private information for their databases. So I told her I would not give it to her. She said she had to verify my identity - anyone would think I was trying to get money out of them instead of getting off a solicitation list that probably no one wants to be on anyway. Now I was supposed to provide my billing number, the amount of my last bill, the pin number on my bill and the name of my long distance carrier. Are you kidding me? I can get through airport security quicker. After all this she puts me on hold to confirm I'm off the list and CUTS ME OFF.

If AT&T can't handle a phone call, what hope does this country have?

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